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Christian Union
Gospel of the Kingdom, a project of Christian Union, is dedicated to assisting those who would like to learn more and explore the supernatural dimension of the Christian life. Read below for information about upcoming events, or go to www.gotk.org to learn more.


Upcoming Gospel of the Kingdom Events

Introductory Forum, NYC, 12/7
“Supernatural Christianity: What is it? Why do we want it? How do we get it?”
Designed for those who seek an introduction to the supernatural aspects of Christianity and who are curious about living a life where God acts today much as he did in Bible times. Perfect for first time GOTK attendees.

Gospel of the Kingdom Conference, NYC, 12/8-12/9
"The Gift of Faith and the Miraculous"
The GOTK conference goes in-depth on topics related to the supernatural including healing, miracles, and deliverance. December session topics include: What is the Gift of Faith, Faith as Confidence Before God, Mountain-Moving Faith, and the Gift of Faith in Ministry Settings.

Learn more about both the Introductory Forum and the December Conference.